Zingara Cucina

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to lead the gypse style of life? What are their customs like and especially, what’s their food like?
Now you can get into the gypsy style by visiting Zingara Cucina.
It’s not like your “normal” resturant, it’s so much more. You will eat at different places everytime you go there as they have no fixed location . Like the location the meny will also change weekly. On the menu you will find dishes like; “Risotto con funghi in vino bianco”- Risotto with mushrooms in white wine, among other kinds of traditional gypsy food.
To find Zingara Cucina you need to be somewhere close to Australia and Melbourne as that’s where they are located. But who knows, maybe one day there will be several gypsy style restaurants around the world for us to visit.

Om du har vägarna förbi Australien och Melbourne så rekommenderas en visit till Zingara Cusina.